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Wunderdog Berlin HQ - Interior Design

Situated in the heart of one of Berlin's most vivid and young area's Kreuzkoelln on the 2nd floor of an existing building, lies the new office of the finish digitial consulting agency Wunderdog.

HI.HI.STUDIO's interior design picks up the culture of the young business and brings its core value „the well being of their employees, every day“ to life.

In preliminary workshops they examined the wishes and ideas Wunderdog was facing, before going the next steps. The outcome is an office that doesn’t offer a template solution, but instead creates a frame – for flexibility and creativity.

Inspired by the traditional architecture of the old brick building, the office blends seamlessly into its surrounding through the use of existing materials and color nuances.
 Recurring steel elements are going along soft and weavy wall elements and curtains.
 They can easily separate or open up space and create pleasant acoustics - one of the many contrasts that promote an open and creative working atmosphere.
 New community spaces that transfer a feel-good atmosphere to work in and to further promote corporate culture. The custom made “Wunder Shelves” makes sense in open spaces to divide room. They can act as a partition and organize areas into distinct zones. It sits on casters for mobility and can be stored or moved easily.

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