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Hommage & Création

The collection „Hommage et Création“ of the berlin-based design collective Superéquipe uncovers yet unseen ways of dealing with design classics.
Beyond formal acknowledgement and strict denial of design history the Superéquipe has created five chimeric design objects with blended DNA. – A search for a proper position in the vast and vivd history of design:

We are stating our point of view.
Is the Superéquipe growing up? Is this the end of creative adolescence? Is coming of age contradictory to keeping the ludic drive? Will there be a Good Form without ludic drive?
Are classics sacred and untouchable? Do we want to talk about authenticity? Is the Superéquipe loud and radical? Or rather silent and discreet?

„Hommage et Création“ aims for the future and originates in the past. We are shuffling genotypes of classics with our very own ideas with serious ease. Five discrete objects are the fruits of this genetic interference.

HI.HI.STUDIO with the design collective superéquipe for Form Magazin.

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