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Ecosystem Research Project

Development of 100% recyclable, pollutant-free natural fibreboard from renewable raw materials

The objective was to develop an emissions-free furniture board, which consists wholly of renewable raw materials – harmless to mankind and nature in every respect.

​The focus of the research lies here on the creative combination of base materials, natural fibres and bioplastics, in order to meet with the mechanical, aesthetic and ecological demands applicable to the new sheet material. The intention was that the new material be usable without further coatings, in order that it be possible to dispense with questionable glues, paints and top coat materials if required.

The project was being aided within the framework of the BMWi central innovation program for medium-sized enterprise, referred to in short as “ZIM”.

client: Universität der Künste, Berlin

project partners: System 180 GmbH, Berlin and TPS Göppingen 

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