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Office Interior Architecture for D4L

The new 2,000 sqm headquarter of Data4Life is located in the heart of Berlin. The interior architecture of the former TAZ editorial office space which was located on three floors was replaced by an open space layout to establish new work concepts. We focused on the concept of developing the office from the inside to the outside, creating a functional space allocation plan by taking into consideration all building blocks.The collection of data from a needs estimation workshop and a structural analysis helped forming the groundwork for the architectural work in 2019.

The result is an office that combines Berlin “minimal” with the credibility the of the fast moving health venture. The objective was to create a space that was made to fit in the requirements of the users and the given architectural premises but be flexible at the same time. It should allow colleagues to work across rooms with natural communication at eye level. This called for a simple yet elegant custom made furniture solution in addition to the new floorplan.

Functional and spatial interactions shape a culture based on openness and communication. At the same time our main objective was to bring focus back to the open office space to also meet the users needs and wishes. With the custom made room partition system, employees are encouraged to create the spaces on their own, according to the needs of the project and become part of an open corporate culture themselves.

By hanging partly translucent panels in combination with whiteboard filled panels we created more wall space to be used as creative space between tables and working islands.

client: Data4Life gGmbH

size: 2400 sqm

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